Monday, 18th November , 2019 4:14 pm
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With the revolution of Internet and WWW, the usage of digital technology for the sake of Job finding is increased. Sadly, it has been made more complex than expected. So many people out there are using it for the sake of profitability by earning through paid advertisement, making difficult and messy for job seekers. We as Engineers and professionals has passed through these kind of confusing websites where everything you will find in mess and ultimately leave the site without applying for job. This lead us to find a genuine solution to this problem. We made a job hunting portal on this website to help engineers with dedicated interface and user friendly method. We are in contact with HR departments of different organizations to work with us, to make it easy and understandable advertisement for Job Seekers. We work hard to keep it as simple as it can be and as easy to apply and explain your profile as it can be. We highly appreciate if you will send us suggestion regarding further improvements. May God Bless You.

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