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Engineering Institutes in Pakistan

Pakistan is enormous country with 100+ engineering institutes in all the regions. With the passage of time and advancement in Technology, many private sector institutes are also established which are bringing high quality academic system in market to compete with Government Institutes whom graduates ruled in industries since a century or more.

Almost all the provinces have one state of the art Public Engineering Institutes which produce highly motivated and dynamic engineers and technologist every year. But due to strict quality demand in market, their students now face tough challenges when they pass out. On the other hand Private Institutions and Universities are established with aim to provide high quality education as well as professional trainings to their students. Although they have higher academic fees and are much expensive than Government Universities, still they pay back it to student by meeting high standard education and skill enhancement among engineers.

Despite all the factors that can be counted for the standard of education, Government Institutes still have the higher percentage of graduate and if not speaking strictly, not all engineers who are passed out are incompatible. These Institutes produce some highly brilliant students as well who win scholarships, secure jobs in FMCG and Multinational Organizations and excel in many walks of life.

This debate can be much longer than to think. There are so many pros and cons of both Private and Government sector institutes in engineering and technology that needs to be addressed individually so that it really have impact on readers. We will be contributing transparently and fairly on both sectors to guide our students in right path on real facts without biasedness. This platform has been created with the single aim to provide right and correct information to everyone.

We believe on quality of information because we found it rare in our society when it comes to media and mass communication.

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